5 Sets for Quality:

4 Strict Press @75% of 1RM
4 Strict Weighted Pull Ups
*Rest as needed bt sets to keep them unbroken and good clean reps.


6 Rounds for Max Reps of:

1) Max Cal Row
2) Max Burpee
3) Max DUs
4) Rest


With a partner

AMRAP 25 minutes
20 Deadlifts @225/155lbs
40 Push Ups
60 Squats
*Every round you complete increase by 20 reps! Round 2 is 40,60,80, round 3 is 60,80,100…
**Split reps as desired with a partner.


Banded Deadlifts

10×3 Reps @65% of 1RM
*Place a band over the bar and focus on speed at the top, try to go a little heavier than last week while still maintaining the same speed.


“Helen 2.0”

3 Rounds For Time:
400m Run
21 KB Swings @53/35lbs
12 Muscle Ups


Box Squat

EMOM 10:
2 Reps @70% of 1RM
*Control the way down 2-3 seconds. Sit back on the bench or box and then stand up as fast as possible


3 Rounds For Time:

15 Power Cleans @65% of 1RM
30 Burpees
60 Air Squats
*Power Cleans should be quick singles.


For Time: (w/partner)

2000m Row
80 DB Bench Press @50/35lbs
60 Pull Ups
80 DB Bench Press @50/35lbs
2000m Row
*Alternate 250m on the rower, split everything else as desired. If you are a strong presser you can use 70/50s but you should still keep sets of 5 or more.


3 Sets of:

1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk
*Build up to a heavy for this complex. These are from the rack.


5 Rounds For Max Reps

1:00 Max Bike Cals
1:00 Max HSPUs
1:00 Max DUs
Rest 1:00
*Go from one station straight to the other. Score is total number of reps.
**Sub HSPU w/push ups. For the DUs, practice for one min if you can do 3-5 reps at a time, otherwise do max single unders.



4×5 Reps @75% of 1RM
*Rest as needed bt sets


12:00 AMRAP

30 Push Ups
20 TTB
10 Power Snatches @135/95lbs
*Find a good pace and keep moving. Power snatches should be quick singles.
**Scale to push ups on a box, bench or bar to keep at least sets of 10. Scale the ttb to knee to elbows or raises to keep at least sets of 10 unbroken. Adjust the barbell weight as needed to keep quick singles.


Banded Deadlifts

10×3 Reps @65%
*Place a band over the bar, step on it and focus on speed and explosiveness past the knee.


5 Rounds For Time:

400m Row
15 OH Squats @95/65lbs
*Use a barbell weight that is light to keep the OH squats unbroken.


Every 4:00 x4 Rounds:

14/11 Cal Bike
400m Run
*Cut down the run then the cals on the bike in order to get at least 1:00 of rest.

Immediately into

3 Rounds For Time:

30 TTB
30 DB Bench Press @50/35lbs
*Scale the DB bench appropriately to keep sets of 10 or larger. Scale the TTB to something you can keep a good rhythm with and at least sets of 6-8 unbroken.

Rest 2:00 then

For Time:

20 Bar Muscle Ups
*6:00 Time Cap, tight time cap, these will feel pretty challenging after the first two parts.
**Sub 40 C2B pull-ups, kipping pull ups or ring rows.


Every 0:30 x7 Minutes:

1 High Hang Squat Clean @70%
*Try to work on minimal hinge forward and drop under the bar as fast as possible.


4 Rounds For Max Reps:

1:00 Max DUs
Rest 1:00
1:00 Max HSW (25ft Increments)
Rest 1:00
1:00 Max Air Squats
Rest 1:00
Scale to one min of DU practice or single unders. Scale to wall walks for the HSW or handstand shoulder taps.


Split Jerk

*Work up to a heavy single for the day from the rack.
**Rest as needed bt sets


25:00 AMRAP (w/partner)

70/63/56 Cal Bike (MM/MF/FF team cals)
30 HSPUs
30 Pull Ups
*Split everything as desired with a partner.
**If you don’t have a bike sub 4x250m Runs each.



5×1 Rep @85% of 1RM
*Add a bit more weight from last week, these should be heavy singles while still prioritizing technique.


15:00 EMOM

3 Clean and Jerks @135/95lbs
Max TTB in remaining time.
*Do 3 C&Js at the beginning of each minute including 0:00, then max ttb. If you complete 150 ttb before 15 mins you’re done. Scale the weight to something you can move very quickly in singles so that it takes you under 30 seconds. Scale to knee raises or knee to elbows if needed. Otherwise sub sit ups for today.


Banded Sumo Deadlift

10×3 Reps @65% of 1RM
*Place a band over the bar then step on it. Work on speed and quick extension at the top.
**Try to go on the minute.


For Time:

11 Cal Bike
3-6-9-12-15 Muscle Ups
*18:00 Time Cap, bike then muscle up then bike again then muscle up and so on so forth.
**Scaling options: Bar muscle ups and/or lower the volume to go unbroken at least for the first 3 sets. Sub Strict Pull Ups and Strict Ring Dips using a band, or double the reps and do C2B Pull Ups if you need to work on kipping proficiency if you already have the strict strength.



2 Rounds For Time: (w/partner)

150m Sled Drag@3/2x45lbs (to the road and back)
250m Run
50 Hang Power Cleans @155/105lbs
*If you don’t have a sled sub 100m (light pole to light pole and back) Front Rack Lunge (w/1xDB @50/35lbs) so 50m each.
**Scale to a weight you can keep at least 5 reps unbroken with on the HPC.


Box Back Squat

10×2 Reps @70%
*Go every minute, try to initiate the squat by sending your hips back first and then sitting down, try to rock back to an upright torso and the focus on standing up as fast as possible. Use a box or bench, height should be such that when sitting down you’re right above parallel.


Every 2:00 x10 Rounds:

250m Row
3 Power Snatches @125/85lbs
*The row should be at a strong but sustainable pace, around 3k row pace. Power snatches should be t&g reps for as long as possible. Cap the row to one minute of work.
**Scale the weight appropriately to keep t&g reps for at least 6 rounds.
***Score is slowest round


Strict Press

5×3 Reps @78%
*Do 3 Weighted Strict Pull Ups after each set, then rest as needed. Use a band to keep the pull ups unbroken and good reps.


15:00 AMRAP

250m Run
25-50-75-100-125-150-…ft HSW
50 DUs
*Each round add 25ft to the hsw.
**Scale to wall walks for today, start with 2 reps and go up by two so: 2-4-6-8-10-12-… For the DUs scale to one minute of practice/max reps or sub 75 Single Unders.



5×2 Reps @80% of 1RM
*Rest as needed bt sets. Re-set at the bottom after each rep.


“Movement of the Month Re-Test”

7:00 AMRAP
Muscle Ups
*Make sure to re-test the same variation that you did at the beginning of the month. For example if you did the scaling option of 7 Strict Pull Ups + 7 Strict Dips make sure to use the same resistance bands.


Banded Deadlift

10×3 Reps @65%
*Go every 1:30, focus on speed and a tight set up from the start. Place the band over the bar than then step on the band.


4 Rounds For Time: (w/partner)

400m Run (together)
40 Bench Press @155/105lbs (split)
8/6 Legless Rope Climbs (split)
*Scale the bench press weight to something moderate to light to keep 5-10 reps unbroken at a time. Scale to regular rope climbs if needed or rope pulls. You could also sub 12/10 Strict Chin Ups using a band if needed.


Clean and Jerk

3×1 Reps @80%
*Three good singles here, if you feel good go heavier on the last set.


Box Squat

10×2 Reps @65%
*Use a bench to sit back on. Focus on speed and force production. Try to go wider stance and initiate the squat by shifting your hips back and trying to keep a vertical shin angle.


3 Rounds For Quality:

12 Double DB Prone Rows
10 Barbell Roll Outs
*Quality work at the end of class. For the prone rows use a bench at an angle.
**Scale to box strict hspus or seated double DB strict press to something challenging but unbroken for 8 reps.


For Quality:

1-2-3-4-5 Wall Walks
5 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups
*Scale down as needed to keep the pull ups unbroken. Use a band if necessary. For the wall walks walk to a distance that is sustainable for this amount of volume pause for 2/3” at the top of each wall walk.


For Time:

00-1000-2000m Row
100ft HSW (rig to rig and back)
100 DUs
*Row 500 meters then 100ft HSW and 100 DUs then 1000m Row and so on so forth.
**30:00 Time Cap
***Scale to one minute of hsw practice or sub 30 HS Shoulder Taps or Hand Lifts. For the DUs practice 1:00 or sub 150 Single Unders.


Bench Press

2×10 Reps @35%
8 Reps @55%
6 Reps @65%
*These are warm up sets
5×5 Reps @70%
*All five sets at the same weight


Every 3:00 x5 Rounds:

20 DB Lunges @50/35lbs
20 Burpee Box Jumps @24/20”
*Hold the Dumbbells in the farmers carry position. Scale reps as needed to get at least 0:45 of rest each round for the first three rounds. Adjust the rep scheme as needed to achieve the desired rest. For example 20 Lunges and 15 BBJ or 15 and 15.
**Score is slowest time.



2×10 Reps @35%
6 Reps @55%
4 Reps @65%
*These are warm up sets
5×4 Reps @73%
*All five sets at the same weight. Re-set at the bottom after each rep.


5 Rounds For Time:

7 Muscle Ups
21 Wall Balls @20/14lbs to 10/9ft Target
.6 mile Bike
*22:00 Time Cap
**Scale to bar muscle ups if needed and adjust the volume to one good unbroken set for the first couple rounds or sub 7 strict pull ups and 7 strict dips using bands as needed to keep one good unbroken set.


2 Rounds For Time:

9 Muscle Ups
15 DB Thrusters @50/35lbs (2xDB)
21 Cal Bike Erg
Rest 2:00
21 Cal Bike Erg
15 DB Thrusters @50/35lbs (2xDB)
9 Muscle Ups
Rest 2:00
*You can also go with a partner 1:1 instead of the 2:00 rest. You would do 9-15-21 then your partner goes so on and so forth.


3 Sets:

8 Strict Tempo Bar Dips
12 Prone DB Rows
*Quality sets at the end of the workout. Use a band if needed for the dips and use a weight you can keep unbroken for the rows.


For Time:

500m Row
50 Sit Ups
1000m Row
40 Sit Ups
2000m Row
30 Sit Ups


4 Sets

6 Strict Pull Ups (3” pause at the top)
8 Tempo Lunges (per side)
10 Barbell Goodmornings


Back Squat

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps
*Go every minute for the first 5 rounds, then go every 0:90. So reps 1 to 5 on the min and reps 6 to 10 every 0:90.
**Pick something that is 50% or less of your 1RM, you should be confident with that weight and able to keep good form and speed out of the bottom.


3 Rounds For Time: (w/partner)

30 Clean and Jerks @135/95lbs
60 Bar Facing Burpees
*Rest 2:00 after each round, add weight if you can. Prescribed weight would be 155/105lbs for round two and 185/125lbs for round three. You can also keep all rounds at the same weight if you want. As a suggestion the first weight should be something you can do 5s t&g with, round two you should be able to do 3s t&g and quick singles on round three.
**25:00 Time Cap



Bench Press

2×8 Reps @35%
6 Reps @55%
4 Reps @65%
2 Reps @75%
*Find a heavy single for the day

then do: 2×4 Reps @85% of Heavy single


5 Rounds For Time:

20 DB Box Step Ups @70/50lbs (1 DB)
400m Run
*Rest 0:30 after each set or waterfall in a team of 4 on the step ups, meaning someone is always doing step ups.
**Use a DB Weight that you can move well and stay unbroken with.



5×1 Reps @85%
*All five sets at the same weight. These should be heavy singles that you can still keep good quality with.


For Time:

2-4-6-8-10 Muscle Ups
50 DUs
50ft Double DB or KB Front Rack Lunges @50/35lbs (rig to rig once)
*20:00 Time Cap
**Scale the volume down to 1-2-3-4-5 reps either ring or bar mu depending on what you’re working on. Otherwise you can sub double reps of transition drills like jumping muscle ups or ring mu transitions on the rings if you have the strength and need to work on the movement pattern. A sub to work on strength could be 2 Strict Pull Ups + 2 Strict Dip, 4 And 4, 6 and 6, etc…
For the DUs practice for one minute or do 75-100 Single Unders (should be around one minute of work).


15:00 Muscle Up Skill and Technique Practice

*This should just be skill work for the muscle up for 15 minutes. That might mean some transition practice, an emom of 1 mu attempt, some dips and some pulls, or whatever the coach and you decide on practicing. This can also be an emom of one good unbroken set of muscle ups to accumulate volume. Pick a rep range that you won’t go to failure with.


For Time:

500m Row
21-15-9 STOH @135/95lbs
150ft DB or KB Farmers Carry @70/53lbs (length from rig to rig is 50ft)
7 Muscle Ups


Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for you!


Back Squat

8 Reps @35% of 1RM
8 Reps @55%
5 Reps @65%
2 Reps @75%
2×4 Reps @80%
*Rest as needed bt sets


20:00 AMRAP

50m Sled Drag @3/2x45lbs
15/12 Cal Bike
30/24 Push Ups
2/1 Legless Rope Climbs
*If you don’t have a sled sub 10 Double DB Walking Lunge @50/35lbs.
**Scale down to regular rope climbs if needed. Otherwise sub 8 Strict Chin Ups, using a band if needed. Use a box/bench/inverted row bar if needed for the push ups.