Skill: Cross-Overs

Beginner Option:
Single-Single-Cross – Accumulate 15-20 sets – https://youtu.be/AYo_uw-2g4k
*Goal here is to keep a consistent jump. We want to avoid a high knee tuck when we do the cross. We want to keep the jump the same and just get 1 rep at a time.

Advanced Option:
Single-Single-Cross-Single-Single-Cross – 4 sets x AMRAP unbroken with 2 singles between. – https://youtu.be/v4HBYC9Or6E
*For those already proficient they can progress to AMRAP unbroken Crossovers


“Gate Check”

5 Rounds for Time:
Run 400 meters
KB Suitcase Carry 200 feet (rig to rig = 50ft) @ 70/53lbs
Time cap: 16 minutes
*100ft/side on suitcase carry

– If runs take longer than 2:30 scale to 250m.
– Scale KB weight to 53/35.
-If not enough KBs sub a DB at same weight.

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