Strength – TTB Skill:

Option 1:
A. Accumulate 3 sets of 6 arch to hollow on bar with legs together and straight in arch

B. Accumulate 3 sets of 6 arch to knee tuck- same arch position but bring knees up to about hip height in the front of the swing (keep legs straight in back)

C. Accumulate 3 sets of 6 TTB with straight legs in the arch (you can bend knees to touch toes to bar if you need to)

D. Accumulate 3 sets of 6 TTB with same points from “C” AND not looking at the bar (look straight ahead)

Option 2:
TTB Strength Option – if unable to reach toes to bar:
4 sets:
A1. 30 sec loaded compression pike stretch
A2. 12 seated TTB pulses
*If you cannot make contact with the bar- raise legs as high as you can and hold for 1-2 sec at top of each rep- fight for as much height as you can get
A3. Accumulate 20-25 sec hanging L-sit hold
*with toes pointed and knees locked out
Rest 30-60 sec b/t each for quality


“To the Wall”

As Many Rounds and Reps as possible in 15 minutes:
2 Wall walks
4 Shuttle Runs 50 feet
8 Single Dumbbell Hang Power Clean and Jerk @ 50/35lb

*1 shuttle run= 2x25ft (Open Standard)
*switch every 2 reps on DB CJ

– Scale wall walks to a comfortable distance.
– Scale DB weight to 35/25

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