1 rep @ 80% of 3RM from last week
–Rest 30 sec–
Then complete 2 reps
–Rest 30 sec–
Then complete 3 reps
–Rest 30 sec & continue to add 1 rep until you reach an 9/10 RPE, leaving 1 reps in the tank for the day.
*Put the bar back in the rack during the rest break.


“Just the Bar”

3-5-7-5-3 Reps for Time:
Barbell Thruster @ 115/85lbs
Power Snatch @ 115/85lbs
Time Cap: 7 minutes

– Scale barbell weight to 95/65 or to a weight that allows for near unbroken sets.
– For those not proficient with snatches substitute for a power clean.

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