20 Front Racked Barbell Lunges @ Max Load
* Perform Stationary
* Build to a 20rm (10 per leg)
Note: MUST be completed in under 1 min


“Speed Demon”

Every minute for 25 minutes (5 rounds):
Minute 1: 25 sec max rep box jump overs 20/24in
Minute 2: 25 sec max rep bar muscle ups
Minute 3: 25 sec max rep clean and jerk 135/95lb
Minute 4: 25 sec max rep wall walks
Minute 5: REST

*must step down box jumps

– Scale Box Jump overs to box step overs.
– Scale BMU to CTB, Pull ups, or Jumping pull ups.
– Scale barbell weight to 95/65.
– Scale wall walks to a comfortable distance.

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