*Testing the one rep max deadlift after this month of strength and speed focus. Since we did not test it at the beginning of the month compare to old deadlift months or previous PRs.

For Time:

150-100-50ft HSW
15-12-9 Bar Muscle Ups
*The goal should be to stay moving, not go to muscle failure and complete each movement in 3-4 sets or less.
**12:00 Time Cap
***Scale the HSW to 2-1:30-1:00 minutes of practice. Otherwise sub 10-8-6 wall walks. For the bar muscle ups, scale the volume down to something you can do in 3 sets or less each time. For example 12-9-6 or 9-6-3. Otherwise sub 24-18-12 TTB or knee to elbows or raises as needed.

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