Leah King

"Where It All Began!"

I have always been overweight. I have tried many fad diets, exercise programs, and numerous weight loss pills during my adult life. Prior to pharmacy school, I had lost 40 pounds with a mail-order food program. Of course boredom set in, I started pharmacy school, and by the time graduation rolled around, I had gained 30 of those 40 pounds back. By the time I found a job, nearly 6 months later, the last 10 pounds had magically reappeared as well. Once I settled into my new job and community, I decided it was finally time to do something for myself and try to at least get back to where I was before school. I had tried gym memberships in the past, but would always lose interest after the first month or so. I never really saw any results and I was always bored going to the gym. The same thing happened with running, I lost 10 pounds through changing my eating habits and starting a C25K program, but I didn’t feel any different, I had to drag myself out the door for my run and got bored along the way.
I ran across CrossFit while reading an online profile, and looked it up. I thought it sounded interesting, but didn’t think my new little town would have access. To my surprise, I found several options, and decided to try CrossFit Yuma. After just one class I was hooked. I may have been the slowest runner and my partner for the WOD carried the weight (literally, each round of running included a medicine ball carry, and I didn’t carry it once, thankfully), but I made it through that workout and felt like I had accomplished something. Not only did I feel good about myself, everyone around me was telling me good job too. I had never felt support from fellow gym members in the past, rather I always felt like they were looking down on me, as I certainly didn’t look like them. But, at CrossFit Yuma, I have never felt like I wasn’t good enough or athletic enough to be there. The support I receive from my fellow CrossFitters is absolutely amazing. I’m still the last runner to come in from a warm up run, and generally the last one to finish a WOD, but I always have people around cheering/coaching/pushing me to the finish. Many times, I will find myself heading out for the last run of a WOD, and someone who has already finished will catch up with me and run along side me, helping me to keep pace.
I have been at CFY for about six months. I have lost over 30 pounds and dropped 2 pant sizes, but more importantly, I have gained confidence in myself. I enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow members and I enjoy working out. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are things about CrossFit I don’t really like (namely Burpees and the Inchworm), but even though I may complain, I’m thankful for the opportunity to be at each and every class. I am amazed at the progress I have made, I can now do band assisted pull-ups (I started out doing ring rows)! I have a long way to go before I reach my goals, but thanks to CFY and all of the awesome coaches, I am well on my way!

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