Dane Fuller

"The best place on earth, love this gym."

Throughout high school I never really committed to one sport or a certain work out schedule. I was never dedicated to my fitness until January of my junior year, when I decided to join the Air Force and try my hand at a special operations position in their Pararecue program. I was dedicated and motivated to ready my body and mind for the following journey that would put me in a day to day ass kicking for weeks. My problem, I had no idea where to begin preparation for my future trials. I had the basics down; swimming, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and the occasional run. Knowing this wasn’t enough, my Dad asked me to attend a Saturday class at Crossfit of Yuma, where he had started a couple of weeks prier. Thinking it would be interesting to try, I attended one Saturday class with the family. I quickly discovered that Crossfit’s high intensity workouts not only got me winded fast, but the following morning, I felt a soreness like no other, which prevented me from moving from a stationary position in my bed, or sitting on the couch.
A couple classes later, I was hooked, as my personal records climbed, so did my confidence in my own physical abilities. One of the requirements for entering the Pararescue program, and to have a chance at getting a contract, was to pass a Physical Ability Stamina Test (PAST), which is a series of exercises that starts with a 500 meter swim, followed by a 1.5 mile run, then pull ups, sit ups, and push ups. After my first attempt at the test I barely passed by the skin of my teeth, but along with dedication, perseverance and most importantly, Crossfit Yuma, I finished my last PAST with not only a passing score but with iron man numbers. Now I feel like I have a fighting chance at my dream job, and I owe a special thanks to all the trainers at Crossfit Yuma for their help in getting me prepared.

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