3 alternating sets of:
A1. 12 Hips Banded Russian Kettlebell swings
Rest 30 seconds

A2. 8 Skater Jumps
Rest 90 seconds


“Turned Up”

EMOM x 30 minutes alternating :
Min 1: 20 sec max rep hang power cleans @135/95lb
Min 2: 20 sec max rep bar muscle ups
Min 3: 20 sec max rep wall walks
Min 4: 20 sec max rep bar facing burpees
Min 5: REST

– each round, add 5 seconds to the work time
– for athletes scaling bar muscle ups, ensure that they cap each round of movements at 10

– Scale barbell weight to 95/65.
– Scale bar muscle ups to Chest to bar or chin over bar pull ups. Further scale to a Jumping Chest to bar pull up. If scaling BMU do not exceed 10 reps of any of these pulling movements in each time window to keep volume managable.

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