Bench Press

10 Reps @35%
10 Reps @55%
8 Reps @65%
4 Reps @70%
2 Reps @80%
4×3 Reps @80%
*Rest 0:90-2:00 bt sets


“Movement of the month for November”

7:00 AMRAP
Muscle Ups
*As many reps as possible in the seven minutes. The goal is to stick with small and consistent sets throughout and managing the rest time between sets.
**Scale to bar muscle ups if needed. Or sub chest to bar pull ups/pull ups. Otherwise sub strict pull ups with a band.
**Write down how many reps you get since we will re-test in a month
***If your goal is to get a muscle up, ring or bar, focus on your weakness. For example, if you are weak in pulling strength, work on strict pull ups (using a band if needed). Otherwise, if you lack technique and timing, work on drills like kip swings, getting your hips to the bar/rings or practicing turning around on the bar or rings with aid of a box. You can also use light bands to assist you through the movement in case of a bar muscle up.

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